Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Week 1- Marie Seester, ACCESS

 Marie Sester – ACCESS

Marie Sester is a french media artist based in Los Angeles. ACCESS by Marie Sester is a public art installation. It is spotlight system that tracks anonymous individuals in public places and uses surveillance technology combined with the advertising and Hollywood industries,internet and  acoustic beam system.  The beam is either activated as people move through the space under surveillance or it is piloted remotely using a Web interface. The robotic spotlight automatically follows the tracked individuals while the acoustic beam projects audio that only the targeted victim can hear.

Upon further research, I have found out that acoustic tractor beam can levitate small objects with sound. Hence, this device allows researchers to float and manipulate targets with just a single array of ultrasound emitters.

This is an artist’s rendering that shows  an acoustic hologram trapping a particle over a levitation device. This device can manipulate small objects in air, water and human tissue by using high frequency sound waves.
As this is a space exploration, Sester had incorporated these devices to track victims and leave them feeling clueless why,who and how they are being tracked. The ACCESS website contains webcam view and spotlight control. It also keeps an updated list of the locations visited and also video archives. The web users who are also involved, do not know that their action triggers sound towards the targeted victims.
As a result, both the tracker and the tracked victim are in a paradoxical communication loop.

Below, is an overview plan of how the system works and also screenshots of the tracking view. Access addresses and explores the impact of detection and surveillance within contemporary society. It is creating an intentionally ambiguous situation by revealing the obsession and fascination to control.

GLOW - Eindhoven, Netherlands, Screenshot, 2009

To a person who is not really open to new ideas, I honestly find this is a very complex work of art as it requires alot of programming. Also, I find this work exteremely riveting as to how security can be pretty threatening. Apart from the negative note, I still think this work has a great impact on society in terms of realization and reflection. I love how this work creates interaction between the controller and the victim without them knowing. If I could change this work of art, I would include sirens to terrify the victims and also having co performers with their mask on, chasing victims.


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