Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Week 5- Singapore Night Festival 2016

I didn't manage to watch the street performance because I had class at 7pm and I ended class at 9pm. I met my friend but we didn't manage to take lots of pictures because it was really crowded and I was pretty embarrassed to take a selfie. But, I took pictures of the works that I find interesting. 

I find this work by Choe U-Ram fascinating. It is a kinetic sculpture. The work titled "Una Lumino Portentum" is made of motor, LED, acrylic, CPU baord, polycarbonate 360(w) x 48(d)cm. Born in Seoul, Choe loved machinery as a child and worked at a robotics company after college. Inspired by the philosophical concept of Emergentism, Choe was led to consider possible systems of communication living organisms which exist in the absence of an organisational structure or hierarchies of power. Emergentism explores the emergence of new, unexpected properties irreducible to interactions within and between parts of a system. This work consist 51 shiny flower-like individual units with translucent shells. The units of Una Lumino Spiritus produce pulsating clusters of light as they communicate with one another. Operating as individuals, each unit is not programmed to follow a set pattern, but is rather triggered by perturbations in its vicinity, thereby setting off chain reactions.

Choe's work engages a fanciful dialog of aesthetics and machinery and explores themes of biological transformation, flight, and movement. Motors, heat and light sensitive materials add to the intricacy of Choe's kinetic sculptures. I like how the flowers are blooming slowly. I just feel like I'm watching a real flower blooming. And I wont be surprised that 50 years later, the world will be filled with synthetic flowers. With technology, some of us might even feel like we don't need to rely on natural resources anymore. The world is different now, it's about moving forward and heavily depending on technologies to create a better future. I must say that although technology is useful, it is still not everything. And I have seen technology controlling a lot people nowadays. Shouldn't us, humans with emotions control technology? It is just not right to be seeing the opposite and having the fact living in world filled with technologies ruling and distributing the society. I have to agree that with technology life is sightly easier but technology makes us lazy too. I have nothing against technology because I do use it but I do not let technology take control of me and my life. Most of just take advantage of technology and hence, they grow lazy each day. We should use technology wisely not blindly. Some people are also taking advantage of having the fact that people rely on technology so much that they could hack and leak information easily through the use of technology.  



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