Saturday, 1 October 2016

Week 6 - Final project proposal 1

My group's conceptual idea is to actually detect inner emotions and to make participants to fully understand their true emotion and start contemplating about it. Their through emotions will be projected onto their face as expressions through projector. In order to make this possible, we thought of using thermal camera to detect temperature of heat.

Thermal imaging cameras can detect the heat given off by a person or an object through infrared. The lens focuses waves from the infrared energy present in all objects onto an infrared sensor array. Thousands of sensors on the array convert the infrared energy into electrical signals which create a video image. 

We also had an idea of using lie detector to capture the heart rate. Lie detector is also known as polygraph test. When a person takes a polygraph test, four to six sensors are attached to him. A polygraph is a machine in which the multiple poly signals from the sensors are recorded on a single strip of moving paper graph.  Polygraph can be used to record a person's breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure and perspiration. 

Image result for face projection daito manabe

The above artist have inspired us to work on our final project. I like how they play with projection and how the face can be detected and then moving objects will be projected to the alignment of the face. The creators are Daito Manabe and Zachary Liberman. Both friends have created an interactive digital art that revolves around the human face. They sterted of with the app FaceTracker. Face tracker is an app generic non-rigid face alignment system. They added a bunch of code, Kinect and mathematical algorithms to create an interactive face projection.

However in my opinion, I think we need to do more research on the use of thermal camera if we want this idea to work out and be more realistic. I think that the lie detector is perfect for this project but not the thermal camera because it can only measure and display thermal profile of objects in relation to the temperature of surrounding objects. After doing research, I have found out that there's alternate way of detecting a person's emotion and that is through aura imaging.

By using The Aura Video Station, we can capture aura and chakras and then the data will be processed and displayed on the computer screen. The aura camera uses a a hand biosensor to measure biofeedback data. When the hand is placed on the sensor, the electro-dermal activity and the temperature is the skin on the hand will be measured. When processed, it'll be displayed as and aura image of the person's energetic activity on a computer screen. The aura image displayed is a representation of individual's bio-energetic field, emotional-energetic state, personality type and energetic wellness.

Below is a short video of how the technology works.





- (do check out his other works)


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