Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Week 11 - Hacker and Hacktivism

For today's lesson we learned what do hackers do and what is ethical hacktivism. We also watched a few videos. We are taught that hackers solve problems and build things and they believe freedom and provide voluntary mutual help. Whereas crackers break into computers and phreaking the phone system. Now that I have finally understood the terms, I feel embarrassed for mixing up crackers with hackers. I have always thought that crackers are hackers are the same thing and that these people are the bad guys but of course I do believe that some of the hackers hack because they have a good intention.

I have to agree that hacking solves problem. The most common one is working for the police to track criminals. I think many people  are confused with the term hacker and cracker and I think most hackers have something against the police. This is how I figured it out. I searched the word hacker on google. It is because of the media that confused people between the term hacker and cracker.

 When I googled cracker, there are not many results. I think because the word crackers have a lot of meanings. Which is why people often use the word hacker more often than cracker.

This appear very contradicting to me as police used the term "cracked"  a lot rather that the term "hacked". This is why the term may be very misleading.  Cracking is made to sound ethical when it actually means breaking into the computer. This is very fishy to me. What if  the media intend to stir confusion and hate between hackers and crackers. Since hackers contribute, build things and raise awareness on freedom, I think they are some people who are against hackers who try to make the world into a better place. There are corruptions everywhere and I am certain that these people would take advantage on hackers as they leaked information. Information that were hidden from us. Therefore, these people framed hackers as the bad guy when the hackers intention was to reveal the truth. I totally respect and admire hackers as they are brave enough to reveal the truths like government conspiracies.

This lesson have really made me contemplate a lot about the world, government, politics and economy. Although we were only taught about hacker and cracker. Hackers are brilliant and I believe they are more knowledgeable when it comes to the world and ruling.

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