Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Week 13 - What is new media

Before I attended New Media art class, my knowledge on new media art was pretty low. It was very constricted. All I knew was if it have got to do with wiring it is new media. What prompt me to take new media art as one of my elective was my previous group installation. We wanted to go beyond by using lights to enhance our installation. Below are some of the pictures from our  previous group installation.

After this installation, I wanted to know about new media and hope to benefit from it so I attended the class. After attending new media class I realised that the new media art that I have known was different from the the new media art that was taught. I became intrigued by the term new media after the confusion. Researching on Fake shop and Mouchette's net art shocked me because I never knew an artwork may be displayed on the net too besides museums. This then made me realize that new media art is more of conceptual art. I also realized that new media art creates more interaction than any art type of works like paintings for example. I think it creates interaction because media and technology is used and works are often broadcast online. I also think that most of the works consist of performance arts and audience are often the co performers.

I would totally incorporate new media into my own professional practice to make it more compulsive with a good intention that will hopefully make viewers reflect a lot. I also wouldn't want to stick to painting as I think that there are so many limitations to it because a painting is often within a frame. I want my works to be different and I don't want restrictions to hinder my work of art. Besides, technology is a man's bestfriend. With technology and media, I know I can do more than art and perhaps challenge the term 'art'. New media class have broaden my mindset on art. I think what's important behind new media art is the content and intention rather aesthetic.

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