Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Week 14 - Final Proposal and Presentation

Below is our group proposal. We took our lecturer's advice seriously and made some changes to our proposal and also added more slides and description so that our proposal is more concise. Previously we only had 20 slides and our timing during presentation was short but today we had over 40 slides and our timing was just nice. It was almost 15 minutes. I think we have improved quite a bit. The presentation went well but of course there were some parts that we didn't do well in terms of speaking confidently. And also, we forgot to cite some of the images and placed the website directly below the pictures but we did include it at the last slide of the slides.

I think this presentation have taught me a lot including time management and team work. As we were all busy with our other modules, we would still encourage one another to work on the slides. New media have taught me a lot about the use of technology in an artwork. The blog post that we were told to work on every week increased our knowledge on the use of technology and how it works. Viewing an artist work and doing a research on the materials they used is easy but planning and brainstorming to create a work of art combined with technology is hard. I would say it was hard for me because I was unaware of other technologies that actually exist. Also, it was because I don't have any background on engineering or IT. Therefore it was hard for me. I think to acquire knowledge like this, we have to work independently by doing a lot of research and of course some material selection may backfire part of the  proposal as some of them do not exist and will only be invented in the future. In this case,  I would like to bring up our material selection previously. Initially we wanted to use samsung's 360 projector but the product wasn't out yet so we had to change our material selection. Instead, we planned to have 5 projectors. 

I think this proposal have also taught me to work independently and problem solving. To sum up, I think new media art have made me into a more open person and be more open to materials. New media have also made me contemplate a lot about the future, politics, globalization and many more. I believe the things that we have learnt in new media would inspire us to think out of the box and explore on materials. And the knowledge that we acquire from new media art class would benefit us in the future.

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